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     December 7, 1941





      Fighting Back






    LST-471 Damage






  MacArthur Returns








             V-J Day

Sea Stories

This section contains seven video segments, starting with "Getting Underway" and finishing with "V-J (Victory over Japan) Day".  Simply double-click on the blue icon or title of each story.  Below each title is provided background information for Mr. Fielder's vivid testimonials of timely and significant events in World War II history.  Watch them come to life as if they occurred days ago.  Please excuse the dated terminology of the historical footage and with Mr. Fielder's stories as they are represented from another era and may be considered inappropriate for contemporary discussion.  Otherwise, enjoy the stories.

   Getting Underway

Fay Fielder enlisted in the U.S. Navy soon after the attack on Pearl Harbor.  After a year of boot camp and navy schools, Mr. Fielder wrapped-up advanced training and met much of his future shipmates along a cross-country train ride.  Eventually, he got underway aboard his ship and home for the next two years, LST-458.  (run time 7:37)


This historical footage identifies the operations conducted by General Douglas MacArthur’s Seventh Amphibious Force “island-hopping” campaign in the Southwest Pacific from 1943 to 1945.  LST-458 was engaged from the first to the last of the operations.  (run time 2:13)

   Boys Becoming Men 

In her first major landing at Lae, New Ginuea, LST-458 unloaded equipment and troops from the legendary Australian Army 9th Division.  In the following amphibious landing group, sister ship LST-471 was badly damaged by an enemy torpedo and was dead in the water.  LST-458 was called upon to find LST-471 and beach her to safety.  (run time 14:15;  Note: referenced ship LST-475 in story may have actually been LST-473)

   Sea Combat                                                 

LST-458 saw her share of sea combat.  While making several beach landings and while at sea, she engaged enemy aircraft on occasion.  Mr. Fielder initially manned a 20-mm machine gun as a pointer (shooter) aboard his ship, before increased responsibilities eventually brought him back into the engine room during battle or general quarters.  (run time 6:58)


Mr. Fielder had advanced quickly the Chief Petty Officer (Chief Machinist's Mate) during his time aboard LST-458.  One night, with the enemy nearby, his ship was losing speed and falling out of the transport convoy.  Chief Fielder was summoned by the Skipper, and the fate of the ship was in his hands. (run time 15:07)

   Decorated Ship

LST-458 was a highly decorated ship, as were many LST's supporting Pacific operations.  Listen to Mr. Fielder's story of how ships were marked after certain events. (run time 2:11)

   V-J Day

In the Summer of 1945, the allies were preparing for a final assault on Japan.  Mr. Fielder was in San Francisco, awaiting orders to board another ship.  This particular day (August 15) turned-out to be one of relief.  The war was over. (run time 5:09)