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Navy-related Links & Links of Interest

  LST-458 Archive Information

   LST-473:  History of USS LST-473

   Military Sealift Command

   Navy Expeditionary Logistics Support Group 

   Navy Historical Center

   Navy Times

   U.S. Navy Website

   USS Johnston-Hoel Association - Battle of Leyte Gulf

   Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Website

   Wikipedia - South West Pacific Theatre of World War II


Navy Reserve & Related Helpful Links

  Anti-Terrorism Awareness Training                          NKO - Navy Knowledge On-line

   BUPERS On-line                                                        NROWS - Navy Reserve Order Writing System

   CPR Training Refresher                                            NRWS - Navy Reserve Website

   Defense Ammunition Center                                     PFA Requirements      

   DFAS Website                                                            1Navy.com or Navygirl.com

   myPay Direct Login

   Navy Advancement Center

   Navy FITREP Website

   Navy Flashcards