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Welcome to 4 O Sailor!

"4 O Sailor", pronounced as "four-oh sailor", is a personal website by citizen-sailor Clinton Fielder.  A combination of personal and professional reasons have inspired me to construct this site of many interests.

A squared-away, 4 O Sailor (pronounced "four-oh"), like a 4.0 student, is an ideal sailor with a well kept uniform, excellent military bearing and excels in their navy career.  Most commands or ships will have one to several exceptional sailors that stand out from the rest.  It may be an accumulation of the small things that separate one service member from the next.

Please note that this website is written for a non-military audience (friends, family, etc.).  And excuse my over-simplification of wording in some areas and dated language in other areas ("Sea Stories").

This website is sensitive to text sizing depending on the internet search engine.  Internet Explorer text, for example, should be set to "medium" size to capture the intended page layouts.  Otherwise, some text and interactive buttons will be hidden by photos.

Finally, some pages are not available to the public as they relate to Navy Reserve business.  Otherwise, enjoy the pages and stories, and feel free to "Contact Us" and help make this website worthy of its name as I regularly update website.


                                                                            Thank you,

                                                                            Clinton Fielder