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A Family Tradition

The Fielder family tradition of military service dates to the Civil War.  Great-Great Grandfather, William, is believed to have served for the Confederacy with the infamous Quantrill's Raiders.  It is much for that reason he settled amongst the Lakota (Sioux) people and carried his part of the family name with the Native Americans.

Grandfather, Francis fought with the U.S. Army field artillery in France during the Great War (WWI), enlisting at the age of fifteen.

Father, Fay Fielder served in both World War II (WWII) with the U.S. Navy, and again in the Korean Conflict with the Marine Corps.  During WWII, Mr. Fielder served aboard Tank, Landing Ship (LST-458) during the "Island-hopping" campaign under the leadership of General Douglas MacArthur and the Seventh Amphibious Force.  Mr. Fielder currently resides in Mesa, Arizona.  His recollections of wartime events are still very clear.  Please join "Chief" Fielder with his wartime memories by clicking the "Sea Stories" button immediately below.

                     Sea Stories                                CPO Fielder at age of 21 (1944)

    LST-458, 20 October 1944, Leyte Island ...






   Date of Gen. MacArthur's return to Philippines